anita 1010

this is an anita 1010 made by sumlock comptometers in 1969. it has a ten digit nixie display and can perform the four basic operators, percent and rounding to 2 places.

operation follows an rpn style where the first number is keyed in, "enter number" is pressed, the second number is entered and finally one of "+=", "-=", "*=" or "/=" is pressed. the rounding button can subsequently be pressed to round the result to 2 decimal places.

the keys are gorilla proof and are constructed as individual switches. the "C" key locks down like an old typewriter caps lock key.


the circuit boards are filled with discrete components, underneath you can see the power supply.


from the top you can see the individual nixie tubes and another set of vertical cards. looks like there is space for more cards. was this space used in other models or never used?