casio fx-110

this is a very strange model from casio. at first glance it looks like a 10 digit version of the fx-29. casio did bring out 10 digits versions of certain models. for example the fx-120 of this series is very close to a 10 digit fx-39. but on closer inspection there are significant differences.

in common with the fx-29 there are no parentheses nor does this model respect operator precedence. then compared to the fx-39, we have the same inv button (not seen on the fx-29 or earlier), also hyperbolics. but amazingly there are no fractions, yet they are on the 29, 39 and other 100's series like the fx-120. other curiosities are the strange (-) way to express +/- and the trig mode switch goes rad/deg/gra whereas others are always ordered deg/rad/gra.

and now there is a very strange function ive not seen on any other calculator. a dB function and its inverse. dB, as expected, calculates 20log(x). maybe casio had a spare button so they give this model a novel feature, but without too much extra work. since 20log(x) is easily calculated manually using the log button, the feature is straightforward and relatively unexciting. but there it is anyway.

arithmetic and square roots appear to 10 digits, but trigs and logs only to 8. the display has 12 display digits, but i can only get a maximum of 11 to light. thats with scientific numbers which are 8+2.