casio fx-2000

the fx-2000 from 1977 used an early "fe" liquid crystal display. the distinctive yellow look was actually due to the yellow glass rather than the display itself.

an 8 digit scientific calculator, evolutionarily better than the fx-29 having hyperbolics, but below the fx-39 missing parentheses. casio had a habit of moving from vfd displays to liquid crystal and back again. this, however, could have been the first liquid crystal scientific model from casio, whence the new model number.

compared to the similar fx-2500, it betters it with hyperbolics, sexagesimal display and fractions but does not have brackets (or trivially, x<>m).

like all the slim lcd models, this model came with a brown wallet-style case. although mine had a slip on soft case, maybe the case isn't original or perhaps some editions had different covers.

it takes 3 g13 button cells as power (0.0024w).