casio fx-82

the fx-82 was typical of many cheap but adequate scientific calculators of the mid 80's. this model was released in several variations aimed at the college market.

the fx-82 is powered by 2 AA batteries which, with its low lcd power consumption, meant the machine would last literally for years without a battery change. mostly the batteries would leak before they discharged.

the fx-82l variation came fitted into a hard plastic case which completely enclosed it protecting it well.

this time, casio had realised that the batteries never ran out, so this model had them fixed inside the machine. you could replace them, but it involved taking the machine apart.

looking closely reveals that this model is actually a lot better than its basic fx-82 counterpart. for one thing the screen display is slightly bigger and clearer. the keys are more styled and easier to operate and there are new functions added as well as the advertised "fraction". RND, RAN#, HYP and %.