casio fx-992v

this is a rather good machine. one of the few 12+2 machines made before formula entry became dominant. it has an extra 2 internal digits making it operate internally to 14 digits of precision, more than any other casio here. accuracy is good and it can handle a wide domain of input (trigs over 1440, tanh of 1e10 etc). fractions are deluxe as well with 10 net digits.

a good set of functions; fractions, hyperbolics, 2d stats with linear regression, hex and octal bases, 6 `k' memories and interestingly a rom catalog of 128 physical constants. these are recalled using the const key prefixed by an index 1 through 128. to remember what that constants are, their indices and units, there is a reference card that lives in the accompanying wallet for the machine. other nice touches are twin power (solar and GR927 battery), keys for eng display, delete and x^2. all keys are rubber and positive to operate.

its not programmable, however, and this would have have made it complete together with built in numerical integration like the fx-3900pv. there is a very similar, but programmable model to this, its the fx-50f.