berkey/omega 100

here is an interesting machine, an old 4 function model with percent (no memory) and optional 2 place rounding from around 1974.

the omega 100 is small but chunky. it requires 4 AA cells that clip neatly into the rear battery compartment whose cover has a small latch to secure it. its well made and there is an optional 5v mains adapter.

rare indeed for a handheld device is the burroughs panaplex gas discharge display. these were high voltage and usually only seen on mains desktop models, like the ti-3500, or on portable machines like the compucorp 320g. the panaplex display is really nice with its friendly orange glow (which doesnt photo well unfortunately). the keys click but feel positive and of a high quality.

arithmetic works like a desk calculator (ie 3+2- for 3-2=) and a switch activates 2 place rounding when set to `$'. $ mode affects number entry when 123 represents $1.23 without entering the decimal point. this saves time tallying figures and was often a feature of desk calculators, the only drawback is 123*3 is taken to be 1.23*0.03=0.04 which means care is needed for tallying item multiples.

altogether a really nice machine with its own individual character.