sharp pc-1802

Here is the sharp compet digital rule.

According to the manual:

"The PC-1802 is a handy type function electronic calculator particularly designed for the scientific and technical calculations. It is the result of SHARP's high technical might to combine an ordinary desk-top calculator with a slide rule into one unit. You can compute 12 types of functions with amazing accuracy by one touch operation."

This early scientific calculator is really a four function calculator with a memory that the makers have ingeniously added scientific functions. it works to 8 digits with no internal and cannot represent exponential values meaning that the numbers are floating with no express exponent.

Nevertheless, a useful set of operations are provided with trigs in degrees and radians, their inverses, logs and square root. powers are conspicuously missing although these could be evaluated using logs.

Accuracy is somewhat lacking with the trigs and logs giving only 6 figures whilst square root manages 8. however, the trig results are displayed with the last two digits off so that the otherwise incorrect figures are supressed.

The unit takes 5 (!) AA batteries or can be powered from the optional EL-97 mains adapter.