sanyo cz1210

here is a curious solar powered scientific from sanyo.

it has 8 digits and displays only 5 with an exponent. it operates internally to 11 and rounds the last digit displayed. the feature set is rather haphazard, trigs, logs and some stats are here (no stats mode required), powers, roots and factorial, but oddly, no reciprocal. parentheses operate to 3 levels and operate precedence is observed. hms would have been useful when operating in degrees, but this is also missing, as is, rectangular to polar conversion.

the degrees/radians/gradians selection can also convert the number on display as it goes, which is a nice touch. the all clear AC button really is all clear. it clears the display, the stats, the memory and resets the mode back to degrees.

the solar panel is rather large compared to modern units and sanyo appear to be proud of it calling it the amorphous solar system. i havent managed to make this model crash in weak light unlike some solar models.

its quite small, slim, pocket sized and lives in a fold-over wallet style case as was typical of many models from the 80's.