vatman boss

here is the vatman boss made by decimo, this example rebadged as realtone. a portable electronic calculator.
bulletyour calculator model 9202 incorporates the world's most advanced electronic calculator engineering - lsi (large scale integrated circuit). now you can add, subtract, multiply or divide and perform even more complicated operations instantly and accurately.

a chunky but quite impressively styled machine, the boss operates as a desk calculator (eg 2+3+1- means 2+3-1=). the memory, when switched in, accumulates the = totals for later recall. this is normal for desk calculators and facilitates calculations like (47.2+29.8)*(19.2-12.6) by 47.2+29.8+=19.2+12.6-*mr= other tricks are pressing divide and multiply repeatedly for powers. eg 1+1/2+1/2^2 as 2 / = = = mr

rounding is switch selectable from floating 8 digits to either 4 or 2 places, whence 5/4 rounding applies. instead of power switch, there are two red buttons with on and off separate.

the unit is powered by 4 `c' cells (to last longer, according to the manual) or the optional mains 6v adapter (model 616). it comes with a rather nice black vinyl pouch with a strap making it resemble mr spocks tricorder.