scicalc version history

2.15 yet another bugfix in deg(x) and also in dms(x)
2.14 another bugfix in deg function!
2.13 bugfix in deg function.
2.12 added tvm functions, fv(i,n,pmt,pv), pmt(i,n,pv,fv), rate(n,pmt,pv,fv). also added lnone(x) = ln(x+1)
note: tvm functions are the same parameters to those used by excel.
2.11 fixed crash on exit bug on the T3 (and maybe others).
2.10 minor bugfix
2.09 added some humidity functions to library.
2.08 added ncr & npr (combinations & permutations).
2.07 fixed a bug with arccos(cos(45)) (degress).
2.06 improve mod accuracy for large arguments, eg mod(1e120,9)=1
2.05 allow +/- key to toggle and enter exponent sign whilst entering a number.
2.04 added factor(x) function and factorisation button (integer factorisation)
2.03 added "fractions" button.
added jd(yyyy.mmdd) & date(x), date conversions to julian day number and back
added elf(k,phi) and ele(k,phi) Legendre elliptic integrals of first and second kinds.
2.02 mod(x,y) requires 60 digit precision for 30 digit result. added modtwopi(x) accurate for |x| <= 1e130. trig functions use modtwopi for accurate domain reduction.
2.01 bug fixes for color displays.
2.00 new interface.