casio fx-180p

a rather nice extension of the fx-82 and fx-100 styles with a bigger display (10+2), 2d stats with linear regression, program memory and numerical integration.

again we have 2 AA cell power, which lasts for decades, and the hard plastic enclosing case which protects it well. the program memory is only 38 steps of blind program (cant be reviewed or edited) which is mainly intended for formula evaluation and, of course, is essential for the numerical integration.

the 10+2 display is much appreciated over the fx-100 and in terms of feature set and layout this mode is more similar to the fx-3500p, the latter features are identical except for hyp.

either this model or the fx-3500p were the first casios to sport built-in numerical integration. the integration runs somewhat slow and can hamper accuracy (see the torture test). the implementation is simpsons rule with no refinements and the results are the same as for the fx-3500p.