casio fx-85v

this more modern nondescript model reminded me of the fx-82. it comes housed in a protective hard case, but this time the dual power is supplied from button cells rather than 2 AA batteries.

it has a delete key! and a few other additions over the, older, fx-85m (presumably the super-fx wherever they are).

actually, i quite like this unit. its very useful in a general-purpose kind of way that doesn't irritate or try cram in too many functions that you never need.

these super-fx models were twin power. most of the time the solar panel is enough to power the machine, but in low light conditions, the power is supplemented from a tiny panasonic gr927 battery. eventually, the battery dies and the machine will no longer work in low light conditions. to replace the battery, you have to take the back off the machine. presumably, this was not supposed to be necessary in the machine's lifetime.

to remove the back, unscrew the 6 tiny screws and carefully lift off the rear cover. you will see the tiny battery.