hp 17bii

this is one of my favourite hp machines, until recently still available and is one of the easiest to use.

interestingly, for hp, it can be operated either in rpn or algebraic entry. there is a mode setting for this, which is remembered. notice the '=' button and parentheses. the '=' button is also useful in rpn mode. when entering data, into a cash flow calculation, for example. '=' serves to perform a calculation before input (the input key is the enter key).

in terms of a scientific calculator it is limited, the math menu contains only logs, factorial and pi. there are no trig functions, whence no rad/deg mode. the business functions are comprehensive and it is one of the easiest, pick up and use, machine for tvm, cashflow, interest conversion and depreciation. there is also a general formula solver which is surprisingly straightforward to operate given the machine has limited alphanumeric input.

the machine itself is slim, pocket sized and fairly well made. i assume this model was meant to supersede the 12c but it never completely managed it. this model has been replaced by a remake, the hp17bii+