hp 12c

here is, the famous 12c.

famous because it is still successful after years of production (there is a now new production 12cp replacement).

you can see why. as a finance calculator it is small and convenient to carry. the sideways voyager design has style and the display is clear. furthermore, it has a reputation for getting the right answer, which is important for a business machine.

the keyboard layout is good too. uncluttered with stuff you don't want in such a machine.

other financial models like the 17bii and 19bii are also excellent but somehow lack the style and accessibility of the 12c. the gold trim looks smart too, providing you dont scratch your name on it.

the hp10b was intended to replace the 12c in the style of the later, slim pioneer range. unfortunately it did not succeed and the original 10b has now been discontinued (but reinvented as the 10bii).