hp 32sii

the 32sii is a very nice scientific model, its also programmable and offers numerical solve and integration. it has a clear 12 digit dot matrix display and is one of several similarly built slim (pioneer) models. it feels well-built, comfortable to hold and the buttons have a positive feel. it is light and easy to carry in a pocket.

this model was discontinued only recently. the used price is already more than when they were new. the 32sii is more capable than the lesser 20s. the latter is still available, probably because it is not rpn whereas this model is and its not selectable like the 17bii

interesting features of this model include exponents of up to 499 (like the 48g), the ability to convert floating point to rational approximation with the fractions (a b/c) key, which is modal, unit conversions and the ability to work with formula or a program with solve and integrate.

there is limited but useful complex number support. unfortunately it cannot display both the real and imaginary parts at the same time (only one line display) and it requires two stack elements for each complex. thus the stack is effectively only two levels deep when operating with complex numbers. on the plus side, as well as the basic + - * / operations, it can compute 1/x. ln, exp, sin, cos & tan (but not their inverses) and y^x. unfortunately sqrt and x^2 are left out.

it does well in the torture test where the solve and integrate operations appear to be the same as the 48g.

one of the all-round useful machines to have in your pocket.