one of several landscape style models.

this one is a standard non-programmable scientific with a 10+2 display. the key layout is somewhat unconventional and it takes a while to get used to the placement of certain functions.

the square keys look quite stylish, but the gaps between buttons make it awkward to press a single key if you have large fingers, even though the keys themselves are a good size.

accuracy is average with 12 digits internally. of particular interest is the availability of normal distribution which is fairly rare. these functions, P(t), R(t) and Q(t) only operate in stats mode (why?) and return 5 figure accuracy, which is slightly limited. other models with this feature are the hp32e and el-545h.

complex numbers are available, but are restricted to the a & b style arithmetic and then only with the 4 basic operations. unlike the free form complex formula of casio fx-5500l and fx-4800p. number bases are here too which is a bonus.

the machine is powered by two button g13 batteries.