hp 10b

the 10b makes a rather nice business calculator. not as fully featured as the 17bii or the 19bii, but nevertheless competent.

the unit is slim and pocket sized with a clear display; segments are clearer than dot matrix. operation is algebraic and, unusually for hp, there is no rpn option (unlike the 17bii which can operate in both modes).

the unit is an attempt to update on the 12c, but the 12c refused to die and this model has now been discontinued and replaced by the 10bii. even the 12c has now been replaced by the 12cp, although a lot of people still prefer the original.

its main features are tvm, cash flow and interest conversions along with general stats.

Tvm Example (from the hp15c handbook)

an accountant is paid $0.01 per second every day and night for a year. the money is deposited directly into her bank account which pays 10% interest pa compounded every second. what is the correct bank balance after one year?

for this, we have, PV=0, PMT= -0.01, n = 365*24*60*60 and i = 10%/n. enter these as

365*24*60*60= N (enters number of periods)
10 / RCL N= I/YR (enters yearly interest)
0 PV 0 (no present value)
0.01 +/- PMT (1 penny)
1 P/YR (must set 1 compounding per period)
FV 316,667.006691

Be sure to set the compounding period to 1 (as above), otherwise you won't get the right answer.