hp 85 gummy wheel cont...

so now you can remove the screws holding on the metal plate and the earth connector, as shown.
undo the four screws at the base of the motor and unplug it from the board.

take care not to break off the tiny metal hair connectors on the side of the motor. these poke into little holes in the circuit board and are not soldered.

see here the gunge on the capstan head of the motor. clean all this off with a knife.

the capstan is fixed to the motor spindle by two small hex key grub screws.

you need a 1/20" (AF) hex key. this is the smallest of the AF sizes.

remove the capstan head carefully. be careful not to damage the plastic disk at the base. this is part of an optical sensor built into the the top of the motor (i think the hair wires are part of this).

i had trouble removing the head because the grub screws dent the spindle and burr the metal somewhat.


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